Access to the beach at boggle hole should be fairly easy via the track near the Youth Hostel. However you should not take your car any further than the car park roughly half to 3/4 of a mile from the beach as it is all but impossible to turn around on the track and with parking being non existent on the very narrow track, this area is really only for those prepared to walk down to the beach with all their tackle and Kayak.

Boggle hole is pretty central within the bay itself and gives access to good fishing either straight out from the slipway or by heading north or south to various other marks in the bay. Cod and pollock are definitely on the agenda at this mark. Bass should also make a show in the summer but will be more difficult to locate. For those willing to try something different there is a large amount of sand off Robin hoods bay and Skate, smoothhound, haddock and plaice could be amongst the soft ground fish living in the area.

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