Thought you guys would like to see some photographs from yesterday afternoons bass fishing.   It was taken from my friends’ boat in about 14’ of water and caught on an 11’ spinning rod, fishing live launce under a float.  This was the biggest of nine fish we caught in the afternoon fishing 1 – 6pm.

As soon as it was hooked I knew it was different to the 2 and 3 pounders we had been catching up to then.  No massive long runs but a very, very strong fish that kept close to the bottom for what felt like an eternity.   I’d forgotten to bring my landing net (Doh…..)    which posed a bit of a problem, but John skilfully picked it out of the water by the gills.

The bass weighed 9lb 7oz and is not only a new PB for me, but probably my bass of a lifetime from the Yorkshire coast. It just shows the fantastic potential we have for all sorts of specimen fish here.

boat fishing for bass