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Bass Fishing Marks At Kettleness

Hopefully this quick guide will be of some benefit to those new to bass fishing and if it gets you that first fish or gets you thinking about the kind of marks to look for, then its done its job.

Kettleness is probably one of the most popular and productive bass fishing venues on our coast.

When you get to Kettleness there are a couple of parking spaces, but if these are full make sure you leave enough room for the farmers to get past with their tractors.

bass fishing marks

From here make your way onto the well worn path which leads down to the top of the rope. (about 5min walk).

kettleness bass fishing

Once here you get a really good view of all of the marks around the bay.

When you get to the bottom of the rope, head to your left.

The first gully you come to is what most people call the main gully. A small crab bait into this in late May / early June can be a good shot for the odd fish.

Moving further to the left, just over the scar is the second gully. This is the better shot with bait early season and fish to 5lb have been taken on bait from here in june. The key is to have fresh crab as the bass haven’t switched to fish yet.

The next few marks are a high water shot as you need to be on the ledge that runs around to the point.

Knowing where the runners and features which run off the second gully is key here.

The first one is a set of rocks which run in a semi-circle towards you from the back of the gully.

The next two are probably the best chances of a good bag of fish. The flat scar inbetween the rock pools are where the bass run over and feed very fast and aggressively. Often you’ll get two or three fish chasing the plug at once and its not uncommon to get multiple hook ups if your fishing with someone else.

The final mark before the point is the rock pool to the right of the flat scar. The bass wait here for the tide to flood across the scar and chucking either down the left hand side of it or across the front will usually get then to take.

Next its round to the point. From here you can access the back of the pool you’ve just been fishing into. This can be very good on the ebb when the fish are running off.

Finally the fingers. This has been a hit and miss spot for me but every fish ive seen come out of it has been a better stamp. Usually 3lb upwards. Try not to cast in the middle of them but down the edges where the white water is.

Fishing is either on the flood or the ebb on a 5.0m tide or above.

If you look at the pictures, you can see that theres not a lot of cover such as large boulders / wrack weed to hide in so you want a slight bit of colour in the water to get the best out of this mark.

Lures to use – Maria BW’s, Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow, Zonk Pearl.

a few pics of people fishing at kettleness

Well that’s it!!! there are loads more marks abit further south but that should get you going for now. If you apply whats here, you should have no problems with the bass this summer.

Good Luck!!!

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    Just got back from a holiday in Blakeney, North Norfolk, where the locals and their MP are fighting a proposed Marine Conservation Zone that will stop fishing and all other activities completely on part of the salt marsh there. Just had a look on the internet and noticed there is one proposed that appears to cover this mark and Runswick bay.

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