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  • Scotty Rod Holders Slip Discs And offset gears

Scotty Rod Holder – Slip Discs – Offset Gears

I’ve recently completed rigging my Hobie Outback for fishing and sailing. As part of the fishing setup I have the facility to fit up to two Scotty Baitcaster rod holders for trolling purposes.

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  • Sandsend-Kayak-March-2011048

Rigging The Hobie Outback For Kayak Fishing

I’ve had the Hobie Outback for a few months now, rigging has been steady, perhaps a little pedestrian. A times parts have been slow to arrive, a lot of time has been spent planning and there’s been fishing, Christmas, Easter and other holidays and weekends away in between. I’ve rigged several kayaks before, mostly for [...]

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  • Hobie Kayaks - Fishing And Photography

Rigging A Kayak For Photography

If you’ve followed my blog entries over the past few months or years, you’ll have noticed that I enjoy taking photographs and making movies. I enjoy populating my fishing reports with images and to ensure that any reviews or DIY guides are suitably illustrated. I’m not a fan of reading reports or articles with no [...]

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  • Hobie Outback Fishing Kayak

Hobie Outback Fishing Kayak (Angler)

It’s been approximately five years since I purchased my first fishing kayak, an Ocean Prowler Big Game. My number one priority had been to find a kayak that was, for me at least, the perfect fishing platform.

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  • Wales Tope Fishing kayak-fishing-for-tope

Tope Fishing In Wales – Kayak Fishing Report

I can’t remember such a run a bad weather, the whole of April has basically been a write off. Sure, there was the odd short weather window, often measured

By |May 9th, 2012|Featured, Kayak Fishing Catch Reports|0 Comments

Tope Fishing In Wales

I spent 3 days in Wales fishing for Tope, and anything else for that matter that'd jump on my hook :D The weather has been rather crappy for the past 5-6 weeks and as a result I’ve not managed a single trip on the water. That’s been extremely frustrating to say the least, though I’ve [...]

By |June 8th, 2011|Kayak Fishing Catch Reports|0 Comments

Kayak Fishing On A Foggy Bristol Channel

I only had to wait about ten minutes before one rod nodded over with a typical cod bite. The fish wasn’t large, though with the tide running hard the sport was pretty good. I didn’t take many photos this trip as was using my GoPro HD head cam and to be honest taking photos didn’t [...]

By |March 22nd, 2011|Kayak Fishing Catch Reports|0 Comments

River Severn Kayak Fishing

I made a last second decision to fish last night... I was sat there with a beer, just about to open it and decided fishing was a better option. A couple of frantic calls and bait was ordered and left in a dark corner to be collected out of hours. Launched into the Bristol Channel [...]

  • Final product

DIY – Kayak rear loading bar

I while ago I purchased a Mondeo estate for my wife to run about in. It does manage over 40mpg with the yak on the roof at 'motorway speeds' and as a result it's ideally suited for those long road trips. However, I find getting the Big Game on and off the roof a pain, [...]

By |December 28th, 2010|Kayaks, Tackle, Clothing, Extras., Pimp My Kayak|1 Comment
  • Pet food container

DIY Kayak Livewell & Dry Box

For a couple of years now I've fancied having my own livewell on the kayak. I did have a half hearted attempt a year or so back with an old cool box, though that was deemed a failure in the very early stages. There's another issue, just how often am I actually going to use [...]

By |December 20th, 2010|Pimp My Kayak|12 Comments
  • 40

Galloway & the Rhins

After last years fairly successful trip to south west Scotland it was decided to organise another trip for 2010. Plans were made fairly early on in the year with the same caravan park being used and the same venues to be tackled once more, with a few extra possibilities also being given some serious consideration. [...]

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  • Rigging up

Kayak fishing in the Bristol Channel

The good weather seems to be hanging around, and long may it continue. I’d originally planned to fish locally, though after a bit of a chat with a yak fishing mate we packed the car and drove north west towards the Bristol Channel. The tides were the top of the springs with the best part [...]

By |April 29th, 2010|Kayak Fishing Catch Reports|2 Comments