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About Rupert

Rupert Drury, species specialist - I’m Yorkshire born and bred and live near Malton, North Yorkshire. Fishing wise, I’m a bit of an all rounder – a fanatical sea angler, as well as a keen coarse and game fisherman. The majority of my sea fishing is done from boats, both private and charter. I particularly enjoy targeting the larger species of sea fish, especially sharks. A few large species PB’s are Porbeagle 248lb (Whitby 2005), Skate 195lb (Firth of Lorne 2008), Conger 66lb (English Channel 2005), Tope 50lb. (Hornsea 2009).

Fishing Braid – “Best Buy ?????”

What braided fishing line should I buy? (Part 1 of 2). It is not an exaggeration or overstatement to say that braided fishing line has revolutionised modern day sea angling. This is certainly true for many branches of boat / kayak angling, and increasingly so, for spinning and other shore casting techniques.  Braid first came [...]

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Shark Fishing

This is the first in a series of five articles about shark fishing written by local shark angler Rupert Drury who landed the first ever Shark caught at Whitby. These articles will give an insight into how to successfully target sharks off the north east coast of England. Although Rupert specifically talks about the north [...]

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North Sea Shark Tagging With CEFAS

First Published In summer 2011 CEFAS (Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science) is a marine science centre in Lowestoft that works on researching and conserving the seas. Its an executive agency of the UK's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). Some of its work involves catching, tagging and releasing fish to investigate [...]

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Fishing With A Pirk

Fishing With A Pirk By Rupert Drury With the growing popularity of shad fishing, use of a pirk has fallen out of fashion to a degree. Nevertheless, pirking (jigging or ripping), remains a very effective method of catching cod, ling and other local species. Over the years, Ive had some belting pollack, loads of nuisance [...]

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Boat Fishing For Pollack Report

A Watched Pot Never Boils - Boat Fishing For Pollack Bass And Thornback Rays By Rupert Drury And a watched fishing float never goes under either but turn your back for a second and if its going to go, you can bet your bottom dollar it will vanish the one moment your concentration wanders. Thats [...]

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Halibut On Hokeyes

This 48lb Halibut was caught over slack water, by John Wilcox who was crewing for Rich Ward on one of my 2010 sharking trips. He'd tipped the daylights with a slither of fresh mackerel and lowered them to the bottom.

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Sea Trout On The Border Esk

Last week, I was invited to fish on the North Esk, near Montrose in Scotland. The beat comprised about a mile and half of double bank fishing, running down from Morphie Dyke. As well as being a famous local landmark, Morphie Dyke is a major hurdle for migratory fish. Despite there being a fish pass [...]

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Fishing A Rapala For Salmon

The Rapala brand is very well known to most people.  Throughout the world, their plugs are recognised as being excellent lures for virtually every species of predatory fish. Here, in this article, I’ll talk about two of their patterns that I like to use for Autumn salmon fishing, as and when conditions and rules allow. [...]

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Fishing For Grayling – By Rupert Drury

With the inclement arctic weather we’ve had since the middle of December, the chances of soaking a deadbait for a winter stillwater pike, which is my normal line of attack at this time of year, has been nil.  So with the lakes frozen solid, I’ve turned my attention to the local rivers, in search of [...]

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Boat Fishing For Tope With Rupert Drury

After 5 years of not being to sea, I finally persuaded Neil, a friend from the village to join me on a tope fishing trip.  Neil and I last fished together on a conger eel mission off Rye in East Sussex in 2004. We’d driven a long way and the forecast just turned overnight and [...]

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