Any Fish Anywhere Surf Rod

This is a proper beach rod, for proper beach fishing, just with lighter leads. So why did we call it a surf rod, and not a ‘Bass’ rod?  Well, it actually has got something to do with surfers. In the UK all surfers like big flat clean beaches. No rocks, no boulders and no reefs. Now funnily enough, there are also a lot of UK fishes that also like clean flat sandy beaches, with a bit of surf running to move the sand around exposing all those nice choice worms, shrimps and eels that live there. We have to admit that we are biased towards this rod. We absolutely love it. Casting it is a pure pleasure. From novice anglers to die hard specimen hunters, it doesn’t matter, this rod will put a smile on anybodies face because it’s just easy to use

beach rod


  • high modulus low diameter carbon blank

  • very smooth and forgiving casting action

  • casts 2 – 5oz with soft or live baits

  • subtle rod graphics

  • genuine Fuji BSVOG rings

  • high quality size 27mm stainless steel coasters with duplon inserts

  • casting reducer with butt cap

  • custom style black tipped red slim whippings