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Any Fish Anywhere Big Beach Rod

Any Fish Any Where 14′ big beach rod

This rod differs to the 13ft version and not just because it’s longer, (hence the name Big Beach). Does that extra foot make a difference?

In the past it made a big difference. Fourteen-foot rods used to be bigger, stiffer, manlier type jobs; rods for big hitters and heroes. But they were always a pig to use. This one, on the other hand, isn’t. It not only has a ‘fishing tip’, but it’s combined with a reserve of power when you really need it.

So, if it’s a nasty day with the elements in your face and you need to up the power, go for it. If it’s a beautiful day, wind behind you and the sea’s flat as a dab, then let the rod do the work.

Our 14ft Big Beach can be used by anybody. It is one of our favourite rods of all time but ultimatley it’s about personal preference.


  • 14’ high modulus carbon low diameter blank
  • very easy to use progressive casting action
  • casts 6 – 8ozs with up to three baits
  • subtle rod graphics
  • genuine Fuji BMNAG guides
  • non-slip shrink tube
  • custom style black tipped red slim whippings
  • high quality size 27mm stainless steel coasters with duplon inserts
  • custom made rod bag which also has a reducer pocket built in
  • supplied in a protective hard tube for transport & protection
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