Any Fish Anywhere 13′ beach rod

If you’re not happy fishing, the chances are you are not going to catch anything. Now, rigs, baits and secret marks get written about every year, but the thing we never read about, arguably the most important thing, is ease of use.

It may get a mention in hushed conversations between anglers on the beach but really, it’s one of those things that only you can know. Are you totally happy and comfortable fishing with the gear you use? Do you feel like it uses you? Is it comfortable? Or have you just got used to it over the years? Ever thought it could be easier and more comfortable?

beach rod


  • high modulus low diameter carbon blank
  • very easy to use progressive casting action
  • casts 6 – 8oz with up to three baits
  • subtle rod graphics
  • genuine Fuji BMNAG guides
  • non-slip shrink tube
  • custom style black tipped red slim whippings
  • high quality size 27mm stainless steel coasters with duplon inserts
  • custom made rod bag which also has a reducer pocket built in
  • supplied in a protective hard tube for transport & protection