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2010 A Bumper Year For Sea Otter 2

Well here we are already into 2011, looking back on 2010 I must say,  fishing wise it was a very good year.

With some fantastic cod fishing January started with a couple of cracking days out on the wall of death on the 26mile ground.

We had a few cod going over 20lb out there, not a bad start to the year at all. The fishing was very steady when we could get out through Jan and  Feb.

March came and so did the algie I would say it probably was the earliest I have ever know it to show up. The fishing was up and down, but we still managed to get among some lovely cod, with plenty going into double figures.

Then it was the April festival, again the algie bloom was playing havoc. The winning fish was a pollock, infact 1st 2nd and 3rd heaviest fish were all pollack.

We were leading more or less to the last day  but got pipped by 1oz, with all the first 3 pollock going over 12lb. lovely sized pollock I must say.

As soon as the festival finished the cod fishing came on with a bang. Shads were murdering them, it was  literally dip and fill at times. The beauty about this time of the year, the really good fishing is right on your doorstep if you  know where to look.

The fishing right through May and June was  brilliant, the lads had a whale of a time. I dont think we had a bad day right through those months.

At the end of June and into July the cod fishing kept going and it was the start of the big festival. £5000 was up for grabs. Back in the 2009 summer festival I had to pull out all the stops to find the winning fish. Right at the end of that festival Mike Myers found himself £5000 richer.

In 2010 it was very early on in the competition when we took the lead. Mick Roe  fishing with me nailed the winner, a fine ling of 26lb, and this fish held out right through to the end of the festival winning that  cracking  1st prize  of  £5000.

Mick was all smiles at the presentation night. The cod fishing in July continued to very good but once august came the cod fishing inshore slowed down (inside of ten miles), but out on the 20 mile it just kept fishing well.

Inshore the ling fishing exploded big style shads, pirks, bait you name it, they were going crazy. Around the same time the mackerel started to show and boy did they come in numbers in 2010.

It was as many as you wanted day after day, perfect bait for the ling fishing. The mackerel also proved great for anybody who was cracking the barbi up when they got home after a day on the boat. What a way to finish the day, a few  beers and fresh mackeral.

I myself love ling on barbi, its a little firmer than cod and tastes gorgeous a little bit of butter and some black pepper  it just melts in your mouth.

Its now September and autumn festival is here once again. A ling of 24lb caught on two dogs  was leading more or less right up until the last day. So it was all out to try and beat it and it was  young matt who managed to locate the winner beating the leading fish by just 5oz.

Mats fish went 24lb5oz, and matt had only fished with me a couple of times before. The lad was over the moon, plus he was a £1000 richer. A very  a very well done to him.

Septemer was soon around and cod fishing out on the 20 mile was still excellent, but it was to October which saw some fishing like i havent seen for a lot of years. It wasn’t the numbers of fish that amazed me, it was the size of the fish.

We had plenty of days when the boxes were literally all full of cod, but this one particular day at the end of October was very special to say the least.

It reminded me of the fishing we had in the 80ss, with many many fish in double figures and 2 nudgeing 20lb. Also loads between 10-15lb, and hardly anything less than 6lb. Those lads on that trip will still be eating cod this time next year.

November and the uptiding was getting off to a very good start with the uptiding festival looking like its going to be  a corker. We had the forum uptiding competition and there was plenty of fish on the day with a couple of the lads really hammering the cod

Well once again we are governed by the weather and the weather played a major part in this years uptiding festival. The freezing cold weather knocked the fishing off dramaticly.

In all the years doing this job I have  never seen the the uptiding fishing drop off so early in the winter. But the sandeel explosion doesnt help either. The fish have a constant supply of fillet steak swimming past them.

They just arent interested in what you are offering.  Again its been many years since we had  a combination of severely cold weather and sandeels in numbers. In early December the shore fishing also took a nose dive.

All the signs for this coming year looks excellent, we were out on the 9 mile recently wrecking and the fishing was good cod were falling to shads, and squid with no sign of sandeels.

I am hoping 2011 will be a bumper cod year. I think you could see a lot fish around the 20lb mark this coming year so fingers crossed  and tight lines to you all.

January and Geoff Saxton gets this 23lb cod out on the wall .

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cod fishing

All so in january paul pantellaisco from southport with his mate we nailed these and many more on the 9 mile ground.
sea otter 2

March proved to be a very good cod month here is mally from middlesbrough loves his bait fish this fish was 16lb.

One the same trip another cracking cod.

April festival here is the man with a 12lb pollock and a 10lb pollock very unlucky to be pipped for 1st place.

Here is our man carl fazbats of the forum he had a really nice pollock

Well its getting into may and the cod are going mad this fish just under 20lb of a wreck on the  3 mile
whitby boat fishing

Glenn and paul with another one of there bumper days.

Another lovelly fish again of one of the inshore wrecks.

These lads were just nailing tham one after the other on the shads.

Its june time and its really hottings up this  is nigel collis nigel works through k2 my sponsors the lads have cracker.

Gilbert one of nigels party with a nice cod.

This is a ling one of the lads got in june this fish was in the top 20ss

Again glenn,geoff and young nick hammer the cod .

The festival starts and the cod just keep  comeing richard and john  with a nice brace

Another lovelly fish .

Well this is the one mick with his big winner in the summer festival 26lb ling and £5000 to go with it.

We are well into july but there are still some lunkers about this fish was top teens this man is well over the moon.

We are now into august cod fishing inshore has dropped of a bit but on the day with the shads you can still nail them its picking the right wrecks on the right tides which gives you the results these lads had some lovelly fish.

September festival and young mat steals it more or less on the last day with his 24lb 5oz ling winning the £1000

Into october and this the the special day.

This was the next day off the same wreck fish upto 16lb for the lads.

Its November and the uptiding is kicking off simon22 who posts on here had a right day his best going into double figures.

This was just recently a lovelly cod on the squid.

Also this fish fell to squid

The lads at the end of the day these fish were caught on the 9 mile.


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