2008 Kayak Fishing Year Review – By Dave Adamson

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2008 Kayak Fishing Year Review – By Dave Adamson

I was asked by Glenn to do a look back on the 2008 yakkers year, so here goes

As i started fishing again with the purchase of my P13 kayak in August 2007 & had a fair bit of luck i was really looking forward to 2008 to be my first full year of fishing.
I had also talked myself into helping with the organisation of the first open Kayak competition to be held in this years festival  :crazy:

January – march saw me out of the picture as regards yorkshire fishing as i had taken an assignment in Brazil.
I know its not as much fun as fishing Sandsend but i managed to make the most of it & even had bit of fun offshore with my travel rod & a few plugs. :wink:

once the job was over i so i got the missus to fly down and join me for a holiday, after a few days of loafing around on beaches, seeing the sites of Rio & eating lots of Brazilian food we headed off for a trip up the Amazon.
this was a great exsperience, unfortunatley despite the best efforts of our guide i did not manage a peacock Bass, but did get the odd pirania etc.

and just in case anyone thinks we travel first class  :no:

so eventually managed to get back to Gods own acre & was fired up ready for the summer kayaking and all those lovely Bass, unfortunately it was still winter so the shore gear had to come out, but it was nice to blow the cobwebs away with a bit of cliff fishing at Flamborough. managed the first codling of the year

anyway the growing band of kayakers were champing at the bit & appropriately April fools day was selected for a bit of a gathering down Witherensea, a fair turnout for some early season bait fishing although the fishing was not up to much it was apparent that the group was starting to form & a lot of fun was to be had.

mid April saw matty & Sam take there first tentative paddle strokes, to be quite honest both were a bit seasick & i was really not sure if they would take to it, show what a good judge i am as they turned out to be star recruits.

The early season was disappointing weather wise for kayaking but the keen lads were grabbing every oportunity to get afloat.
May turned out to be as bad as April & some forum members got so bored they forgot when April fools day was, whatever happend to mr Sole  :laugh: :laugh:
even June was still poor, but the newly named Basseyken was sttarting to make his mark & boated the first of the year.


meanwhile Sam & matty started to connect with the cod

Interest in the Kayak scene was picking up all the time & next on the scene was a mad taffy, later to be christened Buzz Lightyear, obviously a lunatic so bound to fit in  :laugh:
we were still awaiting the arrival of Barramundi Bobs yak, but he was more interested in groveling around in the Whitby mud for peelers  :crazy:


late June & we were still awaiting the arrival of Barramundi Bobs yak, but he was more interested in groveling
but we  saw Sambo raise the bar for Kayak cod, that smile was going to haunt us before the summer was out  :laugh:

Then the big day finally arrived as Baramundi Bob took his first tentative paddle strokes off Flamborough Head, once again it was obvious that he was not completely comfortable in his new environment, but for those nervous of taking the plunge another example of how quickly that changes.


by the end of July Mike the Fossil appeared on the scene, the now old hand BB showed him the ropes  :wink:

by late July the Bass were around in good numbers, but you were still having to grab your opportunities as the unsettled weather continued, i managed to connect with the first bass over 5lb,

and then another

maybe its not all Spawn ? :laugh:
But Ken not to be outdone sneaked out on is own and caught this little beauty, The kayaking boudrys are slowly getting stretched  :yes:

Then it happened, the sleeping giant of Kayak Bass fishing put his self back on top of the field with a beauty of 8lb 4oz


September was now on us & a lot of the lads were dusting of the rock gear ready for the Festival, I was checking the long range forcast daily for the Kayak match.

my big mistake of the year was that i had decided that in order to keep up with the young lads i needed a faster Kayak, & arranged to meet up with Dorado for a test drive of his Dorado and some fishing, unfortunatley the rest of the lads came along and all wanted one. whats more being lancky i ordered the Dorado 11 which was not yet built so i fished up being last again  :cry:

September proved to be the best month of the Summer for days at sea and good fishing, this was a fairly typical day,

& Bassey, Topey Ken caught a Seatrout  :happy:

Come the Filey Festival & i got the shore rod out, & accompanied Quint on a few of his trips, he got off to a great start winning the opening competition, & few more prizes besides. I was in shock when i caught a couple of mops in a night competition & won my first ever Angling prize  :happy:
The weekend of the Kayak competition was approaching fast & everything was crossed for the weather and a decent turnout, despite the growing numbers of Kayaker’s I was worried we would fail to get our target of 40 competitors or the weather would wash it out. As it turned out we were blessed with the best weather of the summer & a brilliant turnout of 46 competitors.
just read the thread again & it looks even better than i remember  :happy: :happy: :happy:


this did prove to be the end of summer fishing, we kept trying & Buzz nabbed a nice one in october,

& we had the odd trip uptiding with some success, but one of the unexpected results of all the new yakkers is that a fair few of us have taken to shore fishing to fill the long winter months & the results have been surprisingly spawney  :laugh:

First love is still the kayak though & myself & Shirley keep giving it a go when the weather is fit, we have now mastered the art of winter uptiding & will boat one of those pigs eventually  :yes:

just before Christmas Dorado ventured to Humberside with 3 brand new Dorado 2’s, myself & Ken had another go at uptiding 7 christened the new baby.


Winter Kayaking is still a hobby for the mentally challenged who can stand a lot of pain, but we just have to have our fix to keep us going until those warm calm days of June come around again, hopefully 2009 will see one of those fantastic summers & the huge flotilla of yaks will be afloat more regularly than last year.

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Site Administrator Glenn Kilpatrick has a passion for all types of sea angling. Past winner of the Whitby Sea Anglers fishing club on 2 occasions, Glenn now mainly focuses on summer fishing with bass and pollack being his favoured target fish. Glenn now also prefers Kayak Fishing over any other type of Sea Fishing.


  1. Ray Maddison (Ramrod) May 16, 2009 at 6:48 pm - Reply

    What a fantastic summary of 2008 Dave! You would’nt realise the weather was so rubbish looking at that . It amazes me how yakking has come on in leaps and bounds around this area in particular, but looking at your summary it just reminds you. Heaven knows what the report would be like after a good summer. Who knows, I might even get on the 2009 diary lol. Roll on summer!

  2. Iain Sellers (Quint) May 17, 2009 at 8:04 am - Reply

    Really enjoyed looking back at 2008, one of the great things about fishing is memories, and how they are very strong – most day to day experiences are very soon forgotten in the mists of time, however all these accounts on this page are as fresh as yesterday, that to me is one of the most magical powers of fishing – lets hope for many more in a glorious 2009

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